The City Red Cross of Banja Luka is a part of the Red Cross Movement and it is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2012. In the first century of its existence, the CRC BL has continued to execute its mission in various social circumstances, relieving human suffering by providing aid to all the people living in this region. Many generations participated in numerous projects and activities implemented by the City Red Cross of Banja Luka, learning about humanity, promoting solidarity and helping those in need. “The primary mission of the Red Cross Movement and the City Red Cross of Banja Luka (CRC BL) as well, is to alleviate human suffering whenever possible.“
This organization plays a major role in our society during peacetime and it is irreplaceable during wartime and natural disasters. Today, the

City Red Cross of Banja Luka is a constituent part of Republika Srpska Red Cross and Bosnia-Herzegovina Red Cross Society and it operates in accordance with the RS Red Cross Status and Jurisdiction Act. The City Red Cross of Banja Luka operates under its own bylaws and Code of Conduct. The CRC BL is the most active humanitarian organization with the highest number of members both in Banja Luka and Republika Srpska and Bosnia-Herzegovina as well.

Continually promoting cooperation with others in order to help those in need, this humanitarian organization has established contacts and cooperation agreements with numerous institutions and organizations (both governmental and non-governmental), and we have many contacts abroad too. In addition to humanitarian programs and activities, our organization also offers opportunities for informal education, particularly for young people, through different training courses in specific areas pertinent to the Red Cross. In addition to the work of the Administrative Professional Service, whose members are our employees, all our projects are implemented by volunteers, i.e. Red Cross activists in the local RC organizations.